About Us

~ Unique casual and affordable necklaces for all occasions ~ 

Uglee was created because we wanted everyone to be able to afford a necklace for every occasion. Not just a necklace, but unique pieces that could be purchased for individual outfits!  

Uglee Creations designs unique, distinctive fashion jewelry, manufactured to the highest standards. We offer high quality pieces, using an eclectic combination of beads, semi-precious stones, leather, charms and pendants. Our designers create an initial prototype, which is then sent to our panel of critics who assess the overall arrangement. All designs that exceed Uglee's stringent expectations are then sent to production for manufacturing. Finally, our pieces are warehoused in our Littleton, Colorado office, yearning to be worn! 

Uglee's designers are committed to creating eccentric, distinctive jewelry that speaks to our costumers' desires. Our artists are passionate, creative, devoted and fortunate to have the ability and skill to design pieces that complement your style. Our artist share their unique personalities with you in every piece they design.